GM farmers urged to give evidence

6 July 2000

GM farmers urged to give evidence

By FWi staff

FARMERS caught up in the Advanta GM fiasco are being urged to submit evidence to MPs investigating how farmers came to plant contaminated seed.

The call comes as Advanta Seeds finalises about 1.7 million in compensation to hundreds of growers it supplied with GM-contaminated oilseed rape seed.

The House of Commons Agriculture Select Committee will hold its inquiry on 18 July in a bid to examine the implications for the segregation of GM crops.

The committee is keen to receive written evidence from up to 600 farmers in England and Scotland who unwitting planted 4700ha of GM-contaminated rape.

Environment minister Michael Meacher, junior farm minister Baroness Hayman and Advanta Seeds officials have also been invited to give evidence.

The seed company announced on Wednesday (5 July) that it is to pay affected farmers between 337 and 370/ha in compensation.

Anyone submitting evidence should send 20 copies to the Clerk of the Agriculture Committee, Westminster House, 7 Millbank, London SW1P 3JA.

Evidence must arrive no later than Wednesday, 12 July, 2000.

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