GM genie – you were warned

25 May 2000

GM genie – you were warned

WHEN we spoke at farmer meetings in the UK this past February, one of our main points was to stress the fact that once GM crops were planted, the genie was, in effect “out of the bottle”.

I never would have thought your government would have allowed seed to enter the UK that was contaminated with GM.

The genie has now escaped in your country too. Regardless
of your opinion of GM, this tragic and I gather illegal release of GM crops should convince even the most devoted GM supporters that the science may not be as easy to control as you had hoped.

It is difficult to control multi-national corporations and their lust for profit, and it is impossible to control nature.

We in the USA have seen this over and over, but cant seem to learn from our past mistakes.

Ultimately, your government must be held responsible.

Jim Goodman, Wonewoc, Wisconsin, USA

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