GM protestors destroy wrong plants

28 July 1998

GM protestors destroy wrong plants

By FWi staff

ENVIRONMENTAL protesters who set out to destroy a trial site for genetically modified maize have uprooted the wrong crop and wrecked a seven-year-old research project.

The protesters target is believed to have been an acre of genetically-modified maize near Totnes, Devon. Instead they destroyed seven years of research into how foreign varieties of maize adapt to British growing conditions. The cost of the damage is estimated at £10,000.

A group calling itself the Devon branch of the Ethical Consumers Association has claimed responsibility for the night-time raid.

The targeted GM maize crop is still standing. It was at the centre of a high-profile court case earlier this month, when organic farmer Guy Watson attempted to have it banned.

Judges rejected claims that the GM maize would cross pollinate with Mr Watsons crop of organic sweetcorn.

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