GMO trade row

1 May 1998

GMO trade row

US traders and politicians are running out of patience with the EU for delays over the approval of genetically modified varieties.

Speaking at this weeks AgriEurope GMO conference in Brussels USDA Europe Director Craig Thorn explains that over 30 products were now in full circulation in the US.

Out of the total 28m hectares of soya bean production some 12m hectares (40%) would be GMO varieties this year as would 20% of the maize area.

So far, US soya exports to the EU (worth $3bn) had been uninterrupted but there were mounting problems with maize.

and delays in getting EU approval would cost the US $250m in lost business this season. Compensation is now being sought. "A trade war with the EU would be counterproductive but our patience is running out," said Mr Thorn.

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