Goggles to keep off dust and debris

28 September 2001

Goggles to keep off dust and debris

FLYING debris, swarf and dust are among the hazards which can be protected against thanks to the latest range of safety goggles from Protector Technologies.

The Klar goggles feature a clear anti-fog lens as standard which is designed to ensure crystal clear vision and hardwearing performance.

Weighing 32g and fitted with multi-adjustable temples, the Klar goggles combine comfort and improved safety with a snug fit, says Protector Technologies.

The Trekka pair of goggles feature length adjustable temples and anti-fog/hard coat lenses, while clear or smoke lenses are also available.

Price for a pack of 12 Klar and Trekka goggles are £40 and £30 respectively (01695-711711, email info@protector-tech.com).

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