Going out, weighing in

6 September 2002

Going out, weighing in

GRIFFITH Elder has devised an electronic scales designed to weigh dairy cows automatically as they leave the milking parlour.

Called the Walk-N-Weigh, a pair of entry gates open to allow the cow to step on to the scale where weighing commences on recognition of its transponder.

Information from the transponder, such as the cows dietary requirements or health status, is then used to determine which exit gates should be opened.

From there the cows can be directed into one of three pens which, for example, can be used for isolating animals needing veterinary attention, or for holding groups for those on different feeding regimes.

The system also has a manually operated redirect facility that enables cows to be sent individually to a separate area by the herdsman.

To allow the herdsman to monitor the scales from different locations, the Walk-N-Weigh can be connected to up to nine remote displays.

All cow weights are stored on a computer database showing the date and time of each weighing which can be easily accessed, says Griffith Elder.

Designed to weigh up to 180 cows/hr, the Walk-n-Weigh is also suitable for use with the companys MealMaster system for automatic herd feeding.

Price of the scales starts at £7500. &#42

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