Gordon Capstick

30 June 2000

Gordon Capstick

Gordon and Mary Capstick

farm 230ha (569 acres), at

Milnthorpe in south Cumbria.

Stocking is 100 suckler

cows, with calves finished

alongside 100 purchased

stores, and 1200 Mule ewes

producing prime lambs.

About 10ha (25 acres) of

barley and 6ha (14 acres) of

soft fruit are also grown

WE have just finished first cut silage. We had hoped to have it done by June 10, but in the event it was June 15 before we got started – the weather not helping.

In fact, we were busy on the hottest weekend of the year and far from being rained on some grass became a little too dry. But the upside of this is that effluent wont be a problem.

For the first time we are trying stock feed potatoes in with silage as a sandwich – or is it a tattie pie. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

Since last month some lambs have been struck down with coccidiosis, even though we dosed with Vecoxan in early May. But, while this is the best treatment it only covers them for 14 days.

Lambs should have developed an immunity, but the weather has been ideal for re-infection, so we have injected again and will be taking dung samples fairly soon to check that it has cleared up.

The pick-your-own fruit enterprise is now in full swing with plenty of strawberries, bush fruit and raspberries. So we dont want too many showers to keep the pickers away.

I went down to London for the launch of the little red tractor logo. It seemed to be well received by the general public.

The highest level of government was there, and all the major supermarkets were present at the lunch afterwards with displays of vegetables and meat with the logo on. Lets hope that this will help improve our margins.

As a long-standing supporter and promoter of Farmers Ferry I was invited to see the Farmers Fresh abattoir. It had gone from nothing to a 10,000 lamb throughput in five weeks and was getting more inquiries to supply lambs on the hook to overseas buyers.

It was a pleasure to see a company supplying what the customer wants. One thing in its favour is that all lambs are for export and even with the strong £, its still able to find new customers, which says something for the quality of our produce. &#42

Pick-your-own soft fruit is another of Gordon Capsticks enterprises; he wants a nice dry spell to bring the pickers in for strawberries and raspberries.

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