Government pledges safety first¤ over GMs

17 February 1999

Government pledges £safety first¤ over GMs

By FWi staff

THE Government has pledged a £safety first¤ approach to food and the environment as the row over genetically modfied (GM) crops picks up pace.

Junior agriculture minister Mr Rooker told MPs yesterday that the government recognised the environmental and health worries surrounding GM crops.

Mr Rooker said decisions about GM crops and releasing GM food onto the market would be taken by “ministers whose independence and integrity can be relied on”.

He also echoed recent statements by agriculture minister Nick Brown who has said that new stringent rules regarding the labelling of GM food are just weeks away.

“The Government is determined that all foods containing GM material should be clearly labelled” said Mr Rooker.

“We believe we have a robust and open system for ensuring that the consumer is fully protected but that those who wish can choose whether or not to purchase these products,” he said.

“It is the Governments first priority to ensure that the safety of consumers is fully protected and that will remain the case.”

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