Government signals pull-out from sheep research

21 May 1998

Government signals pull-out from sheep research

By Andrew Evans, Press Association

LORD Donoughue, junior agriculture minister, last night refused to guarantee continued Government funding for research into more humane methods for castration and tail docking of lambs.

He said in a written reply that the Moredun Foundation was collaborating with Edinburgh University on two Government-funded projects.

But he stressed: “Decisions as to future Government funding of work in this area will depend on a number of factors, including evaluation of the results of these and other relevant scientific studies, the availability of resources and the scientific quality of any proposals submitted.”

Lord Donoughue has been asked by farmer Lord Stanley of Alderley (C) if the Government was prepared to fund further research into the use of analgesics for the relief of pain in sheep, at Edinburghs Moredun Research Establishment.

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