Grain 2001: Robots to seek out bugs

22 November 2001

Grain 2001: Robots to seek out bugs


COMPUTERS that seek out and deal with grain store pests may be coming to your farm soon, says the Central Science Laboratory.

The York-based company has carried out an 18-month feasibility study into the idea on behalf of manufacturer Robydome.

Fully automated computer control of aerated grain stores, including spotting and dealing with insects, is now a step closer, it claims.

“The idea is to produce an all-singing, all-dancing intelligent controller, based on integrated decision support, explains the CSLs Dean Cook.

The concept, encouraged by a Department for Trade and Industry award, relies on the power of a personal computer and on-line temperature and moisture sensors.

The next step is to produce an electronic insect monitor, probably based on the laboratorys pitfall capture trap.

Infra-red detectors have been produced in Canada but are expensive, he notes. We hope to develop our own and I am sure it can be done.


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