21 April 1995

Graphic mix to protect wheat

LATEST "ready mixed" old/new azole fungicide combination for use on winter wheat – Graphic – has gained registration.

Ciba Agricultures product contains propiconazole and, as highlighted in Arable Mar 10, the new persistent active fenbuconazole. Complementary action of the two both cures and protects against several diseases, notably the septorias and rusts, says the firm.

The new mix is especially suited to this seasons disease spectrum, claims product manager Richard Leech. "It is particularly active against Septoria nodorum, which is on the increase." The disease was confirmed in 42% of the companys recent samples. In 1994 and 1993 the figures were only 8% and 7% respectively, he notes.

ADAS trials have confirmed Graphics potential, he adds. A full-rate flag leaf application of 2 litres/ha – at £25/ha (£10/acre) – gave better, longer lasting control of Septoria tritici, nodorum and yellow rust on Riband than a single dose of tebuconazole.