Green group blocks convoy

14 November 2000

Green group blocks convoy

By Johann Tasker

CENTRAL London was briefly brought to a standstill when environmental protesters blocked a convoy of fuel tax demonstrators at Hyde Park Corner.

About 10 campaigners from the Friends of the Earth pressure group ran in front of the vehicles and halted traffic for about five minutes.

Approximately 200 farmers, hauliers and other fuel tax protesters gathered at Hyde Park Corner with about 10 lorries which made it into the city.

Protests were good-natured, but some farmers voiced concerns that people had been dissuaded from taking part by bad publicity surrounding the demonstration.

Unions and newspapers said the protest should have been called off in view of nationwide flood chaos and after Chancellor Gordon Brown made concessions.

Some farmers and hauliers complained that protesters from Wales were stopped at Chiswick in west London and prevented by police from joining the demonstration.

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