Greenpeace chickens fly the coop

21 November 2000

Greenpeace chickens fly the coop

By FWi staff

GREENPEACE activists who climbed a 40-metre high conveyor belt in protest at imports of genetically modified soya are ending their protest.

Demonstrators on the belt were served with an injunction on Tuesday (21 November) ordering them to leave the Cargill mill at Gladstone Docks in Liverpool.

They are now complying with this injunction and have descended from their perch in order to leave the premises, says Greenpeace.

The climbers were part of a team of 60 Greenpeace volunteers who invaded the Cargill plant on Monday (20 November).

Other volunteers, dressed in chicken costumes, were ejected yesterday, with eight arrests.

Greenpeace accuses Cargill of sneaking GM soya into the UK food chain. The soya is mixed into animal feed, while oil is sold for use in food such as crisps and biscuits.

Cargill says it makes no secret of importing GM soya and is simply supplying customer requirements.

Greenpeace has produced a consumer guide to non-GM chickens and eggs which will shortly be available on its website

  • Four people have been charged with aggravated trespass and will appear at Sefton Magistrates court on Wednesday (22 November). Four others have been bailed to appear on 2 February, 2001.

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