Growers keep spud supplies moving

By FWi staff

GOOD demand and steady prices over the festive period are being pressured as orders die off, despite many producers continuing persistence to load.

Memories are still clear for many growers of the events in the second half of last seasons maincrop trading period.

As a result, an increasing number are choosing to unload stores steadily, noted the British Potato Council in its weekly price report.

“Much of the available stocks are of average or below in quality and, despite strong trade for best stocks, this is having a downward affect on overall price.”

The price gap between best and poor stocks is continuing to grow with top bulk packing Piper at 100-120/t. Estima is selling up to 133/t, and Edward between 100-130/t.

But despite these higher values, the majority of grade 1 material is trading between 55-80/t and grade 2 between 35-50/t. The poorest samples are a struggle at 20-30/t, noted the BPC.

Demand is slow for bag trade material, with values starting from 20/t. Piper is slightly better from 40/t, with most between 50-60/t up to 100/t.

Processing spot starts from 15-40/t for chipping material, with some Piper at 50/t. Crisping values are ranging between 30-40/t.

Despite a lack in new orders over the week, the BPC weekly GB ex-farm average price slipped just 6p to 65.63/t. This is under half the value at the same time last year, when prices where 170.08/t.

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