Guide to prevent cereal rejections

21 August 1998

Guide to prevent cereal rejections

THE NFU and supply trade body UKASTA have produced guidance notes for their members in an attempt to ensure that farmers dont fall victim to costly cereal rejections and merchants get the quality they want.

According to both organisations, this years message is simple: "Know what youre selling." The two organisations add that merchants need to liaise more closely with producers.

The organisations suggest:

&#8226 Both parties should read and understand contract conditions before they are agreed.

&#8226 Farmers should check the quality of their crop and ensure that loads leaving the farm meet contract specifications.

&#8226 Farmers should take samples as crops go into stores to give information on the variability within the bulk. These should be made available to potential buyers.

&#8226 Farmers should check the condition of stored crops at least once a week.

&#8226 Where delivered crops fail to meet contract specifications, buyers should inform the farmer as soon as possible to allow the farmer to agree deductions before the load is tipped.

&#8226 Farmers should liaise closely with their buyers. &#42

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