Hare coursers seek compromise

HARE COURSING enthusiasts are planning to muzzle their dogs in an attempt to head off a ban on hare coursing that is due to come into effect alongside foxhunting.

The Times reports that the National Coursing Club is seeking legal advice as to whether the pursuit of a hare by a muzzled dog would be considered hunting.

They hope to persuade the authorities that by muzzling the dogs it will show that there is a clear intention not to kill or harm the animal involved in the competition.

The use of muzzled dogs is commonplace in Ireland where the sport takes place in enclosed areas or parks instead of open countryside as favoured in England.

In a defiant stand, the Daily Telegraph also reports that a hunt supporter from Devon has made an unusual personnel protest against the hunting ban.

Rob Williams and his horse Dakkar made a two-week long journey covering 250-miles from Exmoor to Buckingham Palace. 

“It‘s a liberty issue and that‘s why I went to the Queen rather than 10 Downing Street,” Mr Williams told the paper.

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