Harvest urgency gone

11 September 2001

Harvest urgency gone

“THE main urgency of harvest has gone,” says Ted Bird of Cannington Grain.

Farmers are finishing the last bits of wheat and barley and have combined significant areas of beans.

Beans are about 70% combined and proving to be very mixed.

“Ive had some very delighted farmers, who are averaging 35-38cwt/acre, but Ive had a report of one farmer who got 30t off 35 acres and he was not such a happy man.”

He says there is still some Bruchid Beetle prevalent, but conditions have been quite clean for combining.

Spring oilseed rape is averaging 2.5t/ha (1t/acre) and below. “Id not normally expect much more than that.”

Spring barley was good on the early crops. However the later ones are not so good. “They are what my father called Cuckoo barleys. Planted late and not a lot there.”

He is definitely going to be short of wheat in store. With less area drilled and yields down by 20-25% in some cases, he predicts there will be 15% less in store.

“Wheat is going to be very tight as the year goes through.

“A lot of farmers are holding onto it, as there is no pressure on the barn and waiting for the 80/t for the feed. A bigger proportion will stay on farms for feed as well.”

He has seen some quality spring wheat, which has had encouraging protein of 14.5-15%, but have had Hagbergs of 180-210 and specific weight of 74kg/hl.

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