Haskins off-message for farmers

9 October 2000

Haskins off-message for farmers

ON Friday (22 September) I attended my daughters graduation ceremony at Harper Adams University College, and was dismayed at the choice of Labour peer Lord Haskins as guest of honour.

His address could be interpreted differently, but the way I and many others understood it was that he condemned Farmers For Action and sympathised with Arthur Scargill in that there were no mobile phones in the 1980s, with which he may have triumphed over Thatcher!

Also, he stated that we were a perverse nation for opposing the single currency, which he said caused 80% of farming ills.

He then went on to disillusion many graduates by saying that cows would much rather be milked by robots than humans, therefore lessening the need for these young people who had entered this industry with great ambition.

In all, I felt that Haskins used this platform not as an encouragement for our future generation as it should have been on this occasion, but as a political broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party.

Jeff Goff, Afonwen, Flintshire


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