Haskinss dream is a reality

3 November 2000

Haskinss dream is a reality

LARGE-SCALE dairies do exist (Haskins dream of dairy automation, FWi Open Forum). Im currently managing 900 cows with a total of four staff on the unit, milking around 250 cows an hour.

The unit I managed before this was 1500 cows with a maximum of seven staff. Milking took around three hours, with 20 minutes washdown.

My next job is on a unit managing 2000 cows, going up to 6000 within two years, with a separate nucleus herd for embryo work and 1000 recipient stock. All on TMR.

This, as you might gather, is not in the UK, but the otherside of the world, in New

Stop thinking small is best, wake upto reality. Learn to think outside the square you exist in. Learn to evolve or become extinct.

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A British farm manager in New Zealand

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