Have-Your-Say line swamped by anti-ACCS calls

28 April 2000

Have-Your-Say line swamped by anti-ACCS calls

OPPOSITION to the Assured Combinable Crops Scheme swamped our Have Your Say line over Easter weekend.

All callers questioned the current schemes value and format.

Michael Read, from Warks, was just one of over 60 readers who called before the answer service reached saturation point on Saturday.

"I accept the principle, but the last thing we need is more paperwork and red-tape. I wont join until I receive absolute assurance my grain will receive preference in the market place," he said.

E-mails and faxes brought a further tirade of opposition.

"Stuff ACCS," fumed Hereford-shire grower Alan Lilwall on his fax. He has just had to pay £300 for ACCS on top of £250 a year for the Assured Produce Scheme.

"£550 to visit the same farm, pesticide store and books twice is a joke. Why cant we all go on strike for a month and watch the buyers squirm?"

Others suggested the trade should foot the bill for grain assurance. "We all jumped on the bandwagon too soon," admitted Simon Dann, from Norfolk.

Many said the scheme was too costly and complicated, and questioned its future. "What has the time you last changed the oil on the tractor got to do with it? I hope ACCS sinks without trace," wrote David Burnfield in his e-mail.

"ACCS is another nail in the coffin of small and medium-sized farmers, as well as first generation farmers and tenants," said David Briston.

"I am only a member as a consequence of having my arm twisted up my back by trade-bullying." &#42



Opponents to ACCS have dominated the debate so far, but what are the alternatives? We are keeping the lines open so you can have your say on where the assurance schemes should go from here?

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