Have your say – to 26 September, 2001

26 September 2001

Have your say – to 26 September, 2001

Plot to end beef industry

I was in France recently when a

Frenchman calmly informed me that foot and mouth was


He said there is too much meat throughout Europe and he

thought it strange that France, Holland etc eradicated

this latest virus immediately but it is still raging here in UK.

Am I

alone in thinking that it is some bizarre plot by our Government to rid us

of our beef industry?


Towing the tractor line

I have been alarmed by the staff in our local supermarkets who inform me that the meat with the tractor logo on it is,

British. When I try to explain that it may not be they tell me that this is what they are told to tell the customer.

Has anyone else experienced the same and what can we do about it?


Where is the common sense?

Are we going to have an outbreak of common sense from the NFU, DEFRA and

others dealing with the foot and mouth crisis? How long can animals continue to be

slaughtered that do not have the disease?

What is the matter with

vaccinating, surely it is time to leave those entrenched positions behind?

No notice has been taken of the 1967 report. This

advocated burial in quicklime on the farm. This of course was too simple

for the powers that be, so they are carting the dead animals about the


We are continuously being

told that the virus must have come in on illegally imported meat. If the

virus lives in such meat, how does it not live in animals that have been

diagnosed with foot & mouth, slaughtered, and then carted about the

countryside. It does not make sense.

PT Hughes


Stats dont stack up

DEFRA statistics! Has anyone else noticed that Ministry statistics do not


Total cases of FMD vary from one part of the site to another,

even on the same day.

Officials seem to be slower and slower giving out

daily statitics at 5pm and details of cases are becoming harder and harder

to find.

Pulling the wool over our eyes? Playing down a developing

crisis? Surely a public inquiry would look at accuracy of information,

among other things – no wonder they dont want one!

Caroline Cardwell


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