Health on record

1 October 1999

Health on record

HERDS recording with NMR can now opt to have health information included in milk records.

Health Tracker, a joint venture between NMR and Hoechst Roussel Vet launched at the event, will cost £4/month and will give producers information on mastitis, lameness and fertility.

It will help identify problem cows, and compares performance with the top 25% of herds recording with NMR, explained dairy vet Peter Edmondson.

"The mastitis tracker will show the herds 12 month rolling cell count, the average of the aggregate herd size band, and the top 25% of herds, which will show producers what can be achieved."

A breakdown of new mastitis cases each month with cell counts of more than 200,000/ml will also be given. "This provides vital information for vets trying to solve the problem."

Cows with three consecutive cell counts of 100,000/ml or more will also be identified.

Health Tracker will also show lameness records, although producers are responsible for recording this information initially. A 12 month rolling average will be given, along with lameness levels in the top 25% of herds.

Herd fertility can also be recorded, said Mr Edmondson. "We need data to identify problem areas and to set goals for improvement; the surest way of avoiding admitting you have a problem is not to record it.

"Falling profits mean losses and waste must be minimised. This means identifying weak areas; Health Tracker will identify problems and allow comparison with similar farms," he added.

The service is available to all NMR recorded herds, and Hoechst Roussel Vet is to sponsor the services cost for the first 250 producers to apply.

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