Hectolitre weigher saves penalties

19 November 1999

Hectolitre weigher saves penalties

USING a hectolitre weigher to segregate grain going into store according to specific weight could reduce unnecessary penalties and save farmers money.

"A lot of farmers get the wrong end of the stick and look at the hectolitre weigher as a means of checking up on a merchant who may be unfairly penalising them," says Protimeters Peter Grant. "That is not the way we see the value."

Farmers can use the weigher to determine specific weight of different parcels of grain, calculate the appropriate mix and blend to meet market needs, he says.

"In some cases farmers may be losing precious value by both supplying over specification on some contracts and risking rejections and allowances on others. The hectolitre weigher enables the farmer to achieve optimum contract specification and potentially help avoid penalties incurred through low specific weight.

The hectolitre weight test instrument conforms to ISO and BS standards and is accurate to within +/- 0.2-0.3kg/Hlw. &#42


&#8226 50t bulk of 74kg/Hlw + 50t of 80kg/Hlw = 100t of 77kg/Hlw.

&#8226 At £3/t claim for low specific weight, £150 could be saved.

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