HGCA freezes levies for a year

27 July 2001

HGCA freezes levies for a year

By Isabel Davies

THE Home-Grown Cereals Authority has confirmed that the levy farmers, dealers and processors pay on oilseed and cereals will be frozen for the next year.

Producers will have to pay 40p/t (plus 7p VAT) on all cereals sold to a dealer or to intervention.

Processors will be charged a standard rate of 8.25p/t (plus 1.44p VAT), with a reduced rate of 4p/t (plus 0.7p VAT) on grain sold to a feed compounder.

The cereal dealer levy will remain at 43p/t (plus 7.58p VAT) of all cereals marketed.

The oilseed grower levy will start at 65p/t (plus 11.37p VAT).

The rates, which were recommended by the HGCA after consultation with the industry, have been approved by Parliament.

Meanwhile, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has re-appointed Antony Pike as chairman of the HGCA.

Mr Pike has held the position since June 1998.

Jonathan Cowens, Michael Gutsell and Meurig Raymond have also been re-appointed to the organisations board.

Joining as a new member will be NFU stalwart and former chairman of Assured Combinable Crops Scheme, Jonathan Tipples.

Mr Tipples has been appointed to represent the interests of English growers.


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