HGCA offers to plan out levy-payers profits

By FWi staff

THE Home-Grown Cereals Authority has unveiled a new business plan intended to provide a foundation for profitability of its levy payers.

Plan 2000 is the first business plan to be published since the Governments five yearly review of the HGCA.

Recent research has highlighted how few levy payers really understand what we are about, said HGCA chief executive, Dr Paul Biscoe.

“Therefore, we are publishing widely out latest plans. We spell out what we intend to do and in due course we will be judged by whether we have achieved those objectives or not.”

Plan 2000 contains many new initiatives ranging from the creation of on-line interactive web sites and development and a detailed database of levy payers through to expanding markets overseas.

The HGCA will also ensure that research results are made more rapidly available.

“The common theme is to understand who our customers are, what they need and to tailor our output to meet those needs,” said Dr Biscoe.

While many new initiatives are set out in Plan 2000, Dr Biscoe is confident that they wont lead to an extravagant increase in expenditure.

“We realise how tight profits are squeezed and all our innovation will be delivered with a budgeted expenditure below last year,” he added.

  • A synopsis of the 1999/2000 Business Plan is now available and can be obtained free from the HGCA. The full document will be published in June.

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