HGCA savings guide

27 March 1998

HGCA savings guide

DECIDING how to adjust crop management to cope with lower cereal prices could be easier with a new booklet from the Home-Grown Cereals Authority at hand.

The free guide, funded by the HGCA R&D levy, gives a quick checklist of research findings, the possible financial benefits and suggests where to find more details.

Some advice supports input cuts. Reducing total N applications by up to 20kg/ha (16 units/acre) in response to an £80/t grain price could save up to £20/ha (£8/acre), for example.

Other suggestions highlight the importance of maintaining inputs, such as well-timed fungicides, which remain highly cost effective, offering a £40-£60/ha (£16-£24/acre) margin response, whether the grain price is £100/t or £80/t.

The guide has already been mailed to key farmers, advisers and agronomy groups. Further copies are available from the HGCA (0171-520 3945). &#42

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