5 January 2001


FARMHOUSE Breakfast Week, celebrating the innovation and quality of our rich regional breakfast heritage, kicks off on Jan 22. And Farmlife will be bringing you a different breakfast idea from around the UK in the three-week run-up to Jan 22. We start with a breakfast enjoyed in Wales – Celtic Stacks.

"Eating breakfast gives you a great start to the day," say Breakfast Week organisers HGCA, Food From Britain, MLC and the British Egg Information Service. "It boosts your energy levels to see you through to lunch and helps you concentrate so you can deal with difficult problems and stressful situations. Breakfast also makes a vital contribution to your vitamin and mineral intake."

Celtic Stacks

4 rashers of Welsh bacon, rinds removed

1 tomato, sliced

Two medium Lion quality eggs

1 teaspoon salt

8 Scotch pancakes

Butter (optional)

Preheat the grill to high.

Place the bacon on a trivet in the grill pan and place under the grill, about 4-5cm from the heat.

Grill for 2-3 minutes on each side, until golden brown. Add the slices of tomato for the last minute of grilling time.

While the bacon is cooking, poach the eggs: half fill the frying pan with water, add the salt and bring the water to a simmer.

Break an egg into a cup, then slide it gently into the water. Repeat with the other egg.

Using a slotted spoon, carefully draw the whites in around the yolks, being careful not to touch the yolks. Cook for 2-3 minutes. This will give you a runny yolk. For a firm yolk, cook the eggs for another minute. Carefully remove the eggs from the pan with the slotted spoon and drain.

Place a Scotch pancake (spread with butter if liked) on to each plate, arrange a rasher of bacon with a slice of tomato. Arrange another pancake on top and repeat with the bacon and tomato. Place a pancake on top, add a poached egg, and top with a final pancake.

Serve immediately.

Welsh food is a speciality of Nesta Thomas (above) who offers B&B and self-catering stays at Lower Haythog Farm, Spittal, Pembrokeshire. Among the breakfast delicacies served on this family farm are Glamorgan sausages, home-made with locally grown leeks and Caerphilly cheese. "I enjoy people and I enjoy hospitality and if you enjoy both of those it will show," says Taste of Wales award winner Nesta.


&#8226 40% of people regularly skip breakfast and 15% never eat it. Half of 25-34-year-olds and 20% of children skip breakfast.

&#8226 On average, we spend four minutes on breakfast – two preparing it and two eating it. Lack of time is the reason typically given for refusing a traditional British breakfast.

&#8226 One-third of adults will have bacon and eggs for breakfast at the weekend when they are under no pressure to rise early.

&#8226 More than 90% of households regularly buy bacon but less than half of the bacon consumed in the UK is eaten at breakfast.

&#8226 There are more than 400 types of sausage in the UK. Children in England eat nearly 13,000km of sausages a year – enough to go round the whole of the UK coastline.

Source: HGCA

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