Home-mix targets

14 January 2000

Home-mix targets

HOME-MIXERS should aim for a 16-18% protein ration for feeding pregnant ewes.

ADASs Gill Povey told producers that even with simple ingredients a cost-effective, high quality ration could be made. "Using cereals fed whole, such as barley mixed with sugar beet pulp and soya, is good enough."

With a mixing plant on farm, molasses can be added at 2.5% to help palatability. Those without a mixing plant should not consider molasses and could replace this part of the diet with barley, said Dr Povey.

Home-mixers wishing to add vitamin E to diets can do so by approaching their mineral and vitamin suppliers and asking for supplements higher in vitamin E. A level of 4000-6000iu in a vitamin and mineral supplement should supply enough vitamin E to benefit ewes, she added. &#42

Home-mix for 1t of feed

16% 18%

protein protein

Raw materials

Barley 575kg 525kg

Soya bean meal 175kg 225kg

Sugar beet pulp 200kg 200kg

Molasses 25kg 25kg

Mineral and vitamin 25kg 25kg

Source: ADAS.

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