Honest broker set up to promote biotechnology

19 February 1998

"Honest broker" set up to promote biotechnology

HORTITECH, the new commercial arm of Horticultural Research
International, is to be an “honest broker” to promote biotechnology to the
public, and research and development to the industry.

It aims to act as an impartial voice instead of adopting “the more arrogant
style” of some of the multinational producers.

The company is divided into six groups covering seeds, propagation,
information technology, bio-waste services and consultancy. A seventh will be
launched in the summer which will involve HortiTech acting as a global provider
of technology to companies and consultants.

It has signed up £1.25 million of research and development projects with
another 20 potential schemes in the pipeline. The managing director is George Thornburn.

  • The Scotsman 19/02/98 page 30

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