How can we improve the CAP?

Farmers are being asked to come up with ideas for simplifying the common agricultural policy, to feed into a report being prepared by the European parliament in Brussels.

Conservative MEP and agriculture spokesman Richard Ashworth has been asked to prepare the report, which will be presented to the full parliament and agriculture council early next year.

“I want it to be tightly focussed on what the effect of EU regulation is at farm level. I therefore want farmers to get in touch with me as soon as possible with any ideas they may have for making things more user-friendly. For example, they may be able to think of ways of eliminating duplication or introducing more self-regulation.

“The EU is often criticised for being a faceless organisation, churning out red-tape like sausages. This is a chance for farmers to have a real say in how to make it simpler.”

Anyone wishing to comment can contact Richard by e-mail at or write to him at Richard Ashworth MEP, European Parliament, Batiment Willy Brandt, 06M105, 60 Rue Wiertz, B-1047 BRUSSELS.

Better still, why not take part in our Forum debate on FWi and we will forward any comments or suggestions you may have about CAP simplification to Mr Ashworth.

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