How new IPA affects NIABvariety ratings

2 June 2000

Sugar content and root impurities have a more significant impact on the potential rewards from sugar beet under the new IPA.

How new IPA affects NIABvariety ratings

APRILS new Inter Professional Agreement between the NFU and British Sugar has affected the way varieties are assessed by NIAB.

"The new IPA changes the calculation of growers income," says NIABs Simon Kerr.

A new sliding scale of payments means high sugar content varieties will still be rewarding, though not as much as before, he explains.

Under the previous IPA growers received an extra 9% payment for each 1% increase in sugar content over 16%. Now that only applies up to and including 17%. From 17.1% to 18% the extra is 8%, and beyond that only 7%.

"In the past it meant British Sugar was paying a lot more for the sugar from high content varieties. The latest IPA is a long needed improvement, but it does mean that high sugar content varieties will seem to do less well than under the old scheme."

In another change growers will receive a £1m purity bonus based on amino-nitrogen levels. This will be split four ways in another sliding scale with 40% going to the 25% of growers producing the lowest levels.

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