HSE to probe OPs but not sheep dips

23 October 1998

HSE to probe OPs — but not sheep dips

A WIDE-ranging Government review of organophosphate (OP) and carbamate pesticides used in agricultural and non-agricultural products is under way.

But OP sheep dips will not be included because, the Government says, they are authorised and subject to scrutiny under separate legislation.

The Health and Safety Executive announced this week that it was seeking comments on the use of the pesticides in non-agricultural situations, such as in the home.

The review, according to the HSE, follows advice from the Advisory Committee on Pesticides and public concern about the use of OP compounds in particular.

Agricultural pesticides will be reviewed by MAFFs pesticide safety directorate.

Assessments will be made of the risk the products present to consumers, workers and the environment. The risk of cumulative exposure will also be investigated.

Carbamates are included because they work in a similar way to OPs.

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