Humane despatch

3 March 2000

Humane despatch

KILLING or stunning livestock can be an inhumane procedure without the use of correct and legally compliant equipment.

To make the operation safer, Preston-based Entwistle Guns has introduced its Entwistle-Adler – a captive bolt humane killing tool.

Designed strictly for killing casualty animals which are not for the "commercial furtherance" of a farm business, the tool can be used without a slaughtering licence, says the company.

For commercial slaughtering use, a license must be obtained from MAFF or HSA Humane Slaughters Association.

The device works using a captive bolt which is fired into the head of the animal by a blank cartridge – available in .22 and .380 sizes. Price is £145 (01772-718048).

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