Hunt supporters fail to censure National Trust

09 November 1998

Hunt supporters fail to censure National Trust

Hunt supporters failed in their attempt to censure the National Trust for a stag hunting ban in a ballot of the trusts 2.6m members at the weekend.

But supporters succeeded in getting elected one of their representatives on to the trusts 52-member ruling council. He was Hugh van Cutsem, a Norfolk landowner and shooting friend of the Prince of Wales.

Pro-hunting members of the trust dominated the organisations annual meeting in Cardiff International Arena, reports The Daily Telegraph.

But decisive decisions were made by proxy voting wielded by Charles Nunneley, the trusts chairman.

Resolutions were proposed criticising the trust for banning stag hunting on the 12,500 acre Holnicote estate in Exmoor. Another criticised the trust for its failure to stand up for the countryside and its way of life. Both were lost.

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