Hunted deer dont suffer, says study

16 September 1999

Hunted deer dont suffer, says study

HUNTED deer suffer no more than racehorses running long courses, according to a study for the Countryside Alliance.

The study, by Robert Harris, formerly of the Royal Veterinary College, contradicts previous research which found that hunting is unnecessarily cruel.

The Countryside Alliance intends to use the findings to challenge the staghunting ban imposed by the National Trust and the Forestry Commission.

The release of the latest research coincides with a drive by the Countryside Alliance to get several of its members elected on to the board of the National Trust.

In a further attempt to win influence, huntings governing bodies have formed a new body to ensure that the sport is carried out in a “proper and humane manner”.

The body is to chaired by Sir Ronald Waterhouse, a retired High Court judge.

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