Icarios reaches top spot after Igale moves out

19 November 1999

Icarios reaches top spot after Igale moves out

By Jessica Buss

MAINTAINING his PLI score of £137 is enough for the French bull Icarios to reach the top of the latest UK ranking for bulls available in the UK.

But his rise is partly due to Supersires decision to stop marketing Igale Masc – following four calves born with Bulldog syndrome. Igales PLI score of £142 would still put him top of the UKranking.

A Mascot son, Icarios also offers £130 PIN, comprised of 1178kg milk 32.9kg (-0.21%) fat and 38kg (0%) protein; and his type merit score is 2.13.

Dutch proven Jabot son, Delta Herald now takes second position having dropped £2 PLI to £135; his PIN is £135 and he offers a type merit score of 2.04.

Fatals climb of 15 places in the UK proven bulls listing (Livestock, Nov 12) sees him reach third position in the ranking, coming from outside the top 30 international bulls available. His PLI has increased by £21 to £135 due to changes to the evaluation procedure, according to the Animal Data Centre.

Fourth placed bull Etazon Addison has maintained his proof at £132 PLI and £129 PIN. This Labelle son offers a high milk value of 1379kg and a large reduction in milk fat content of -0.33% with a reduction of -0.07% protein. Ricecrest Lantz in fifth position also ranks well as a high production and fat reducing sire, scoring 1392kg, -0.36% fat and -0.04 protein; he offers £130 PIN and £130 PLI.

lCorrection: Last weeks UK proven bull table should have reported Moet Flirt Freemans type merit at 1 and Painley Knighthood at 2.34, and not as stated. &#42

Top 10 PLIUK available Holstein Friesian bulls (Nov 99)

£PLI £PIN Type merit Price Supplier

Icarios 137 130 2.13 26 ABS Progen

Delta Herald 135 135 2.04 27 Genus

Fatal 135 109 2.51 28 Supersires

Etazon Addison 132 129 2.2 35 Genus

Ricecrest Lantz 130 130 2.6 38 ABS Progen

Genus Townley 129 129 1 12 Genus

Linde Bartho 128 116 n/a 15 Avoncroft

Hampton 128 121 1.42 15 Avoncroft

Jaguar 128 121 1.55 30 Avoncroft

Henu Mas 127 123 2.23 23 Supersires

Source: Animal Data Centre and Holstein UK and Ireland.

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