3 September 1999



IGALE Masc remains the clear leader in the PLI ranking of available Holstein Friesian bulls in the UK, a position he has now held for the last three proof runs.

Although this Mascot son has lost £4 in PIN in the August proof run, which now stands at £142, his PLI remains at £146 and reliability has improved to 75%.

His closest challenger is second placed Dutch-bred sire Delta Herald who is new to the UK ranking with £137 PLI and £137 PLI. Jabot son, Herald offers 1312kg of milk with 44.4kg (-0.11%) of fat and 37.1kg (-0.06%) protein at 82% reliability, with a type merit of +2.16.

Equalling Heralds PLI value, but with a PIN of £129 is Icarios. This Macot son is also a high production bull offering 1209kg of milk with good type merit at +2.13. He is closely followed by Jaguar with £136 PLI and £128 PIN.

Gibbon remains strong in the ranking, as does Dutch-bred sire, Etazon Addison. Addison is a Mountain son from a Cleitus dam.

The first UK-bred sire in the ranking is Mountain son, Genus Townley, in seventh position with £130 PLI and £134 PIN. He offers a high production proof, but low type merit means his semen costs just £10 a straw.

Also new to the top 20 are Linde Bartho, Hampton, All Nure M Adam Goodtime, Jocko Besne and Jarno Jabot.

Linde Bartho is a Dutch-bred Ugella Bell son who has proven in Ireland and enters the UK available list with £128 PLI and £116 PIN at 97% reliability, but he has no linear type proof available.

Hampton adds £6 to his PLI score to move up the ranking, while Adam Goodtime adds £12 PLI and £11 PIN as more daughters complete their lactations. Newly proven French sires Jocko Besne and Jarny Jabot both offer good production and type merit, with TM scores of 2.99 and 2.7, respectively. &#42

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