Ignore supermarkets at yourperil, potato men warned

05 June 1998

‘Ignore supermarkets at your
peril,’ potato men warned

FARMERS risk losing out to their competitors if they continue to ignore the influence of supermarkets, David Walker, chairman of the British Potato Council (BPC) warned.

Speaking at the annual meeting of the Scottish Early Potato Growers Association, Mr Walker said growers should be working with food retailers to ensure consumers get the quality of produce they demand.

Some members of the association accused the supermarkets of abusing their power and having the wrong philosophy for handling products such as new potatoes. They claim supermarkets are not bothering to promote the greatest selling points of new potatoes which is freshness and flavour.

But Mr Walker said there was no easy answers and that industry itself would have to get the message across. The BPC has launched a £500,000 promotion campaign this year for the new crop. It will be repeated in 1999.

  • The Scotsman 05/06/98 page 30

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