Import doors open

17 November 2000

Import doors open

IMPORTING pesticides dir-ect from Europe for own farm use has been made far easier, following a change to Pesticide Safety Directorate rules.

Until now all growers had to prove the product being imported was identical to the equivalent MAFF-approved product in the UK, complete a lengthy application form, pay a £290 fee and wait up to 20 working days.

Now, provided the product has been imported into the UK by a farmer before, growers can submit a simpler application form referring to the master product, pay £30 and expect a response in 10 working days.

To help growers establish whether a product has been imported previously the PSD will maintain a list, which so far includes eight products (see box). For details contact PSD (01904-455966). &#42

Existing own use approvals and identical products

Product name Country of origin Identical to UK product MAFF/MAPP No

Allegro (BASF) Belgium Landmark (BASF) M06192

Dacthal W75 (ISK Biosciences) France/Hungary Dacthal W75 (ISK Biosciences) M05556*

Horizon EW (Bayer) France Folicur (Bayer) M08691

Monceren P (Bayer) France Monceren DS (Bayer) M04160

Quartz GT (Rhone Poulenc) France Javelin (Rhone Poulenc) M06192**

Sagiterre (Novartis AG) France Shirlan (Zeneca Crop Protection) M07091

Temik 10G (Rhone Poulenc) France Temik 10G (Rhone Poulenc) M06210**

Terpal (BASF) France Terpal (BASF) M02103

* Revoked – approval for master product and own use parallel expires 30 Oct 2002.

** Approval expires 31 Aug 2001.

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