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hidden cost of lame cows LAME COWS take longer to get back in calf because they are three-and-a-half times more likely to suffer delayed ovarian cyclicity compared with sound cows, according to Florida University. However, analysis showed that if lameness had been prevented, these delays would have been reduced by 71%. Results came from locomotion scoring 238 cows, with cows classified into lameness categories within 35 days of calving.

extra els points on offer

SPRING WHOLE-CROP cereals could earn producers 230 points/ha for up to 5ha (12.5 acres) under the Entry Level Stewardship scheme when stubbles are left until Feb 15. A further 200 points/ha are available for undersowing spring cereals. But spring whole-crop may not be economic for some units, reckons Kinghay”s Andrew Butler. “It”s important to estimate the crop”s growing costs.”

danger of tyre wire in silage

 DURING FEBRUARY, animals in four separate cattle herds were identified as having digestive tract damage from eating wire from damaged tyres, says the latest Vet Lab Agency surveillance report. One of the herds had lost six cows in 18 months with the same symptoms of milk drop and weight loss over a period of a few weeks.

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