11 July 1997


MEAT from grass fed beef cattle has a low level of saturated fat and is good for human health.

Thats according to Raymond Steen of the Agricultural Research Institute of Northern Ireland, Hillsborough, Co Down.

Grass fed animals are leaner than those fed concentrate, he says, and the fatty acid composition in terms of the ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 is four times better in grass fed animals. This should be a major marketing issue for grass fed animals.

HIGH quality heavyweight animals are best produced using criss-cross breeding of Continentals in preference to purebred stock.

Hillsboroughs Desmond Patterson explained that a Continental cross cow mated with a Continental bull, to give a 75% or 100% Continental calf of two or more breeds, produces a high grade carcass.

The cow can have an effect on lean tissue, carcass conformation and quality, he added. Lower milk yields from these Continental cows do not affect the growth rates of the calves.n

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