21 August 1998


uSPRAYCARE, the specialist sprayer division of Brown Butlin, is to provide an independent advisory service on machinery requirements and the installation and maintenance of sprayers. The new service is designed to assist farmers with issues of crop protocols, environmental safety and legislation, it says.

uFIELD recording and record retrieval is simple with CropwalkerFm, says Muddy Boots Software. Their latest package comes on CD or diskette, handles records for up to five separate farms, and will help growers meet marketing criteria. It checks key legal and environmental restrictions are met, and is compatible with their agronomist package, Cropwalker. Cost is £395.

uREDUCINGherbicide rate by 80% can control broad-leaved weeds in wheat as well as the full rate of product when combined with mechanical weeding, says the HGCA. The work by ADASand IACR Long Ashton used spring applications of growth-stopping herbicides, such as the sulfonylureas, followed by two passes of a tined weeder. Cleaver control required higher rates, and annual grasses needed the full dose. &#42

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