23 October 1998


&#8226 FROM Nov 2, casualty cattle slaughtered on farms will no longer be accepted for the over-30-month scheme unless they are delivered to an authorised incineration or rendering collection centre.

The Intervention Board has announced that, from that date, casualties slaughtered on farms will not be accepted at OTMS abattoirs. The change is to bring the schemes rules into line with amended Fresh Meat Hygiene Inspection Regulations which prevent carcasses not destined for human consumption being delivered to slaughterhouses.

&#8226 SCOTLANDS leading animal welfare charity has joined the countrys pig farmers in urging Scottish shoppers to support home-grown, quality assured pork and bacon.

Jim Morris, chief executive of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said: "Buying imported meat could mean buying a welfare problem as there are few farm welfare schemes in place abroad."

&#8226 FARM animals produce over 9m tonnes a year of methane and nitrous oxide – two of the most potent greenhouse gases – a new Brussels report has confirmed.

EU livestock is the biggest single contributor, responsible for more than 40% of total emissions of the two substances. But agriculture as a whole accounts for just 8% of all greenhouse gasses.

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