4 June 1999


&#8226 KINGSHAY Farming Trust has added a new selection of report options – including cow culls and replacements – to its dairy costings service, available to members and non-members.

Herd replacements can be a significant cost, but it is often ignored, says Kingshay. To generate the report producers need to provide details of herd sales, culls and purchases and their values, together with the chosen value for homebred replacements coming into the herd.

The service is included in its regular Dairy Manager package costing £13 a month for Kingshay members and £17 for non-members.

&#8226 A THISTLE population of 10 plants in a 20m sq (215ft sq) area can reduce crop yield by 10%, warns Dow AgroSciences. This means one less ewe a hectare can be kept.

It adds that sheep tend not to graze around thistles because they irritate their mouths, so they leave an area of grass ungrazed. When there are two plants in a 20m sq area (215ft sq), a weed cover of 2%, the company advises spot spraying thistles. But at a 10% thistle population, it advises a field spray costing about £75/ha (£30/acre) will be worth while, applied in a split or full-rate dose.

&#8226 PIG producers expected to have to deal with new pollution regulations later this year, can obtain a free booklet on the causes of pollution and how to deal with them.

The MLC publication, Environ-mental Factors in Pig Production, details the potential problems of gas emissions, over-application of nitrogen and the spillage, run-off or leaching of slurry and manure. It also help producers identify how to tackle these pollution concerns.

Copies are available free from the MLC (01908-844271). &#42

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