10 September 1999


uPIG producers across Britain are being encouraged to enter the MLCs British Pig Farmer of the Year competition. Entrants have to fill in an entry form describing their farm and the way it operates, and return it to the MLC for judging. Forms are available from the MLC (01908-844738), and entries close on Sept 24,

uBLOWFLY remains a serious threat to sheep flocks throughout September. Sheep will be a high risk from strike unless they are adequately protected, and producers should not drop their guard, warns Novartis Animal Health. The company also warns that as fleece grows on lambs and they have greater faecal contamination, they will be at increased risk of strike. Rams should also be treated, it says.

uPIGS can now be vaccinated with the swine erysipelas vaccine, Porcilis Ery, from six weeks old, rather than the 10 weeks previously recommended, says manufacturer Intervet. It says that vaccination can be useful on units where there is concern about incidence of the disease in growing pigs, usually on straw-based systems. &#42

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