17 September 1999


&#8226 AUTUMN weed control could help provide cleaner swards for grazing next summer, says IGER grass specialist Alan Hopkins.

He believes abundant grass cover makes it easier to treat grassland without squeezing stocking rates, but warns that weeds must be in the right condition for treatment.

"Top a couple of weeks before spraying and allow time for weeds to regrow. This means there will be a good target to hit with herbicide, and roots will be more vulnerable while the plant mobilises its energy reserves towards new growth. Weeds germinating this year will be more easily killed in autumn than spring as their roots havent had a chance to develop."

But, he says choosing the right product is vital. "Some products will work better in autumn conditions; check the manufacturers recommendations before applying."

&#8226 EGG sales have improved and consumers are more aware of health benefits following the £4m marketing campaigns for Lion Quality eggs. The television and poster campaign Fast Food. And Good for You has been seen by more than 91% of housewives with children, with 74% seeing the ads four or more times, says the British Egg information Service.

Latest marketing data also shows the year-on-year decline in retail egg sales has halted during the ad campaign, and sales through multiple retailers have increased consistently this year.

&#8226 SUPERSIRES is offering limited straws of Hanoverhill Inspiration son, Cranholme Conqueror, at the European Dairy Farming Event on Sept 22 and 23. With £82 PIN and PLI, he has a production proof of 984kg milk, 14.9kg fat, 25.4kg protein, combined with a type score of 3, 4.16 for udders and 4.36 for dairy. Straws cost £18 each.

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