29 June 2001


uACC Milk, one of the UKs largest milk suppliers, has launched an on-pack environment awareness campaign. The Treewatch campaign aims to encourage young schoolchildren to think about their natural environment and the environmental benefits of trees. Primary schools up and down the country have received specially designed cartons of milk carrying details of the campaign. The company hopes the cartons will be used as miniature pots to grow seedlings for planting in the spring.

uFOOD safety watchdogs are planning a full investigation into why hen eggs on a farm in Anglesey contain higher than expected levels of toxic PCBs. The Food Standards Agency made the discovery as part of its nation-wide programme of testing near foot-and-mouth funeral pyres. But the agency says it is unlikely the high level of PCBs is due to the pyres and it suspects there is another cause. The farmer does not supply eggs for public consumption so there is no risk to public health.

uA CLYDEBANK-based company is hoping the European Parliament will approve plans to allow BSE-infected carcasses to be disposed of in new ways. Waste Reduction Europe Ltd has developed a heat-based "tissue digester" which it claims could be used to safely and cheaply dispose of carcasses. George Russell, WRE Executive chairman said: "The potential savings to the government are enormous and the safe disposal of this hazardous waste is an issue which has had to be addressed."

uWELSH speaking farmers have been amused by the fact that the acronym for the new Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – DEFRA – is the same word for "wake up" in Welsh. The pronunciation is the same although the spelling is a little different. The Welsh word is deffra. &#42

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