9 November 2001


uFARM-Africa has raised £10,000 in less than six weeks to buy 400 breeding goats for poor farmers in Africa. The goats will be used in a number of dairy goat improvement projects in Ethiopia and Kenya. Richard Turner, director of fundraising, said the response to their appeal had been magnificent considering the foot-and-mouth epidemic. Donations can still be sent to Give a Goat at Freepost, FARM-Africa, Lon 14108, London WC1A 2BR.

uTHE Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group, the leading provider of on-farm conservation advice, is extending its services in Wales. The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation has agreed to make funds available over the next three years to enable FWAG to develop a Welsh-based service. The need for FWAG in Wales was identified in a feasibility study last year. The service will be fully operational by early 2002.

uAN internal investigation is ongoing after the suspension of 18 civil servants who work for DEFRA. The staff, who had all worked on foot-and-mouth issues, were suspended from the departments office in Exeter pending a probe into expenses claims. A DEFRA spokesman said it was impossible to know how long the investigation would take, but it was unlikely to affect the running of the office. &#42

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