India disputes US cotton crop forecast

12 March 1998

India disputes US cotton crop forecast

INDIAS cotton imports are set to reach a record for the current season to
September, after India said the US had over-estimated the size of its national crop.

Indias Cotton Advisory Board warns that the countrys cotton crop would fall to 14.8 million bales, compared with an earlier estimate of 16.9 million bales. India produced a crop of 17.79 million bales last year.

According to the Indian government, the US Department of Agricultures February forecast that India would produce a crop of nearly 16.4 million bales this year is wide of the mark.

Trade officials said the Indian crop could fall as low as 14.2 million bales and they warned that the long spell of winter rain had affected the crops quality.

  • Financial Times 12/03/98 page 39

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