Indicator tells you when bin is full

5 June 1998

Indicator tells you when bin is full

NO MORE climbing feed or grain bins to check content level, claims Sterling Equipment when its new Levalert indicator is employed. Fitted from outside the bin, the mechanically activated device – which is said to be visible from the ground up to 60m (200ft) away – slots into a 28mm (1.3in) diameter hole drilled into the side of the bin.

This allows a lever to be fitted on the inside, connected to a coloured rotating cylinder on the outside. In operation, the cylinder shows bright yellow when the bin is full – grain or feed forces the lever against the inside of the bin wall – and black when the level falls to release the lever.

Electrical sensors to operate warning lights, horns or motors can also be fitted to Levalert indicators, which cost £120 for three. A hole cutter is available for £9.99. (01765-605999).

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